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Spent a few days in Belize with wife getting in some great fishing time. Spent 10 days in the North part of Ambergris Caye DIY fishing. I made use of my refined casting skills as the wind blew 15-20 knots almost every day. After complaining up a storm about the wind my prayers were answered and I was rewarded with two days of zero wind. I quickly regretted it as I had to employee the little Trout fishing skills I have and had to go to a 12 foot leader and dry fly presentations to catch any Bonefish during the calm days. I averaged between 5 and 10 Bonefish per day. I walked an average of 10 miles in search of my Permit and after only one solid opportunity during the week I had to move on without making it happen. I caught several Tarpon over the week and was rewarded with a broken 10 WT for my troubles.

I moved into town to finish up the last few days. I had two days with a guide and burned my retinas off in search of Permit that never showed. On the second day the guide was relieved when I said I was done looking for Permit lets looks for Bonefish.





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