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2018 Fly Swap *FLY TYERS WANTED*

Second fly swap

As winter sets in there is no better time to get back to your vises. With that in mind I am happy to announce our Second fly swap.

The theme for this year will be Bass flies. This swap is open to all members all levels. I encourage our new members and beginner tiers to participate. Swaps are designed to help motivate you. Practice and refine your technique, share thoughts and questions with fellow tiers and in return receive several new patterns for you to copy, fish and discuss.

We will need an even number of swappers and to be added to the list of participants please send me a message. We will go with 6 players but I would prefer 10 max 12. It Ambitious, I know. This year we will be each tying two flies.

The rules and procedures of the game are as follow.

If you would like to participate sound off. Please let me know ASAP. I will get a list going. Closing date for signing up is January 31.

Each tier will tie two different patterns. Large or Smallmouth flies are acceptable. Both surface or subsurface flies are acceptable. Any fly you choose is acceptable however I will recommend one surface one subsurface for variety if possible. The amount needed will be announced once we have closed participants. In turn you will receive a variety of 12 – 24 or so distinct flies tied by fellow club members.

The swap is done via mail. Your dozen or less flies will need be shipped to me to arrive before cutoff date of March 3rd. A self-addressed stamped envelope will need to be included with your flies for me to return your package. A crush proof container would help keep you flies in good shape. A condiment container, altoid or pill box work well for this. If you choose to not send a self address stamped envelope please include 2 dollars to cover stamp, and envelope. We can complete swaps at meeting and fly tying if you choose to skip the shipping. I will have the flies returned to you by March 10 as long as everyone meets the deadline.

Each fly should have a toe tag for identification. Since you will be getting 12-24 mixed flies it is an easy way to ID who tied a particular fly and what the fly is called. A small slip of paper with the info in-palled on the hooks works great. That way, if you wish to ask questions about the fly you can speak to tier without having to send out a mass message asking who tied the fly and your question. I will usually place a piece of tape on the small slip of paper to reinforce it so it doesn’t come off in transit.

Dates to remember

Sign up by Jan 31

Flies completed and shipped before March 3rd

Flies returned around March 10.

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