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Free State Fly Fishers Library Books rev. 8-24-17
Book Title Author
1 Innovative Salt Water Flies Bob Verveka
2 Clouser’s Flies Bob Clouser
3 The Fly Tier’s  Primer Richard Talleur
4 Modern Trout Flies and How To Tie Them Poul Jorgensen
5 Modern Fly Dressing for the Practical Angler Poul Jorgensen
6 Fly Patterns of British Columbia James Lingren
7 Fly Fishing Pacific North West Waters, Trout and Beyond II John Shewey
8 Tying Terrestials for Super Fishing- Tools, Tips and Tricks C. Boyd Pfeiffer
9 Basic Fly Tying Ed Koch
10 Wet Flies Tying and Fishing Soft Hackles and Wingless Wets and Fuzzy Nymphs David Hughes
11 Secretes of the Salt Water Fly-Tips and Tales from the World’s Great Anglers F-Stop Fitzgerald
12 How To Tie Fresh Water Flies Kenneth Bay
13 Production Fly Tying A. K. Best
14 A Through Guide To Making Floating Bugs For All Game Fish – Blue Gills to Bill Fish- BUG MAKING C. Boyd Pfeiffer
15 Fly Tying Materials- Their Procurement, Use and Protection Eric Liser
16 Advanced Custom Rod Building Dale Clemens
17 The Fly Tier’s Primer Richard Talleur
18 The Complete Book of Fly Tying, 2nd Edition C. Boyd Pfeiffer
19 The Complete Book of Light-Tackle Fishing, Techniques and Strategies for Bass Trout, Blues and More Mark Sosin
20 Fly Casting Accuracy Joan Wulff
21 Fishing Diamond Jigs and BuckTails, How to Fish the World’ Most Versital Salt Water Lures Tom Migdalski
22 Fishing Small Flies Ed Engle
23 Custom Rod Thread Art Clemens
24 Best Streams for Great Lakes Steel Head Linsenman
25 The New Advanced Custom Rod Building Dale Clemens
26 The New Encyclopedia of Fishing-The Complete Guide to the Fish, Tackle For Fresh and Salt Water Angling John Bailey
27 How To Make and Prepare Your Own Fishing  Tackle—An Illustrated Step by Step Guide for Fishermen and Hobbyist Jim Mayes
28 The Complete Book of Tackle Making, Making and Repairing Spinners, Bucktails, Spinner Baits, Jigs, Sinkers, Plastic Lures and Plugs, Wire Leaders and Much More- Including Full Treatment of All Aspects of Rod Building C. Boyd Pfeiffer
29 Fly Fishing For Stripped Bass-  Tips, Techniques and Fly Patterns Joe Bruce
30 The Shenandoah and Rappahannock Rivers Guide Bruce Ingram
31 First Cast, Teaching Kids to Fly Fish Phil Genova
32 Fly Tying 101- A Class Room Approach Chuck Fothergill
33 The Fishing In Print—A Guided Tour Through Five Centuries of Angling Literature Arnold Gingrich
34 For The Love Of Trout George Griffith
35 Salmon Fishing-A Practical Guide Hugh Falkus
36 The Essential Fly Tier J. Edson Leonard
37 The Fine Bamboo Fly Rod- A Master’s Secrets of Restoration and Repair Stuart Kirkfield
38 Maryland and Delaware Canoe Trails Edward Gertler
39 Exploring the Chesapeake in Small Boats John Williams Jr.
40 Fly Fishing Through the Mid-life Crisis Howard Ellraines
41 41 Understanding Trout Behavior-Brilliant Insights Into How Trout Act and Why John Goddeard
42 Every Angler’s Guide To Amazing Lures and Flies-Rare and Forgotten Masterpieces in Fishing Dickson Schneider
43 101 Fly Fishing Tips-Practical Advice from a Master Angler Lefty Kreh
44 Tips, Techniques and Fly Patterns – Fly Fishing for Small Mouth Bass Joe Bruce
45 Tips and Techniques and Fly Patterns- Fly Fishing for Striped Bass Joe Bruce
46 The View From Rat Lake John Gieraceah
47 Gone Fishin Ruminations on Fly Fishing William Tapply
48 Remembering Dud Dean -Famous Tales of Everybody’s Favorite Maine Guide Arthur MacDougall
49 Illustrated Dictionary of Trout Flies John Roberts
50 Terrestial Fishing- The History and Development of Jassid, Bettle, Cricket, Hopper, Ant and Inchworm on PA’s Legiondary LeTort ED Koch
51 Fly Rod Trouting Ed Shank
52 Small Mouth Strategies for the Fly Rod Will Ryan
53 What Fish See- Understanding Optics Color Shifts for Designing Lures and Flies- An Optometrist Revels His Discoveries on the Eyes of Fish Which Leads to Spectacular Fishing Results Collens Kageyama
54 54 Fly Fishing Handbook Cathy Becke
55 Naturals – A Guide To Food, Organisms of the Trout Gary Borgder
56 Mid-Atlantic Budget Angler Ann Mcinteosh
57 Carp on the Fly- A Fly Fishing Guide Barry Reynolds
58 Crazy for Rivers Bill Barich
59 McClane’s Secrets of Successful Fishing – A Complete Illustrated Guide to the Techniques, Tackle and Know How of Sport Fishing A.J. McClane
60 Float Fishing for Steel Head- Techniques and Tackle Dave Vedder
61 61 Stripers a Story of Fish and Man John Cole
62 A Fly Fisher’s World Nick Lyons
63 A Guide to Maryland Trout Fishing – The Catch and Release Streams 2nd edition Charlie Gelson
64 A Guide to Maryland Trout Fishing – The Catch and Release Streams 1st edition Charlie Gelson
65 True Love and the Woolly Bugger Dave Ames
66 Trout Streams of Virginia- An Anglers Guide to the Blue Ridge Watershed Harry Slone
67 The Sports of Field  Treasury of Fly Fishing Tom Paugh
68 The Field and Stream Treasury of Trout Fishing Leonard Wright, Jr.
69 Fisherman’s Knots, Fishing Rigs and How To Use Them Bob McNally
70 Practical Fishing Knots Lefty Kreh
71 Great Water, Great Fish-the World Wide Guide to Fly Fishing John Ross
72 Blue Water Fly Fishing Trey Combs
73 The Essence of Fly Casting Mel Krieger
74 Memories Mangroves and Magic Flipt Pallot
75 Micro Patterns – Tying and Fishing the Small Fly Darrel Martin
76 The Last Pool –  Up Steam and Down and Big Stoney Howard Waden
77 Illustrated Dictionary of Trout Flies John Roberts
78 In Shore Fly Fishing- A Pioneering Guide To Fly Fishing Along Cold Water Sea Coast Lou Tabory
79 Incredible Fishing Stories Shaun Morey
80 The Year of the Trout Steve Raymond
81 A Fly Fisherman’s Blue Ridge Christopher Camuto
82 A River Never Sleeps Roderick Haig-Brown
83 63 A Guide to Maryland Trout Fishing – The Catch and Release Streams 2nd edition Charlie Gelson
84 The Susquehanna River Guide Christopher Beatty
85 Noodlin-Steelhead and Salmon Dick Swan
86 Streamer-Fly Fishing John Merwin
87 Dances with Trout John Gierach
88 Sex, Death and Fly Fishing John Gierach
89 At the Grave of the Unknown Fisherman John Gierach
90 Even Brook Trout Get The Blues John Gierach
91 The New North America Trout Fishing John Merwin
92 Fly Fishing With Darth Vader Matt Labach
93 The Lore of Sportsfishing Tre Tryckare
94 The Complete Book Of Fly-Fishing Malcolm Greenhalgh
95 Designing Trout Flies Gary Borger
96 Emergers Doug Swisher
97 The Atlantic Salmon Lee Wulff
98 The Orvis Guide To Prospecting for Trout Tom Roenbauer
99 Fly Fishing the Tide Waters Tom Earnhardt
100 L.L.Bean- Fly Fishing For Stripped Bass Handbook Brad Burns
101 The Essential Guide To Fly Fishing Tactics- Catch That Fish Peter Gathercole
102 The Complete Book of Fishing- A Guide To Fresh Water, Salt Water And Big-Game Fishing Keith Garner
103 Darwin’s Bass- The Evolutionary Psychology of Fishing Man Paul Quinnett
104 Trout Magic Robert Traver
105 Trout Madness Robert Traver
106 Bone Fish-Tarpon Permit Fly Fishing Guide- The Big Three Al Reychard
107 Steelhead Fly Fishing Trey Combs
108 Home Waters- A Fly-Fishing Anthology John Gierach
109 Uncommon Waters-Women Write About Fishing Holly Morris
110 Fly-Casting Accuracy Joan Wulff
111 Fly Fishing Joan Wulff
112 The Dettes- A Catskill Legend Ed Leiser
113 Fly Fishing for Bonefish Dick Brown
114 Bass Flies Dick Stewart
115 Tackle Care C. Boyd Pfeiffer
116 Guide to Rigging Braid, Dacron and Gelspun Lines Geoff Wilson
117 The Simple Joys of Kayak Fishing Mark Bange
118 Rudow’s Guide to Fishing the Mid Atlantic Lenny Rudow
119 Rudow’s Guide to Fishing the Chesapeake Lenny Rudow
120 Rudow’s Guide to Fishing for Rockfish Lenny Rudow
121 Tying Flies Work Station (Note: stored with Equipment in Closet) Price Stern Stone