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Free State Fly Fishers Library DVDs


All Media is in DVD format. Items listed as VHS were converted from the club’s original VHS collection to DVD for continued use.

Number Title Original Format
1 Practical Fly Casting with Barry and Cathy Beck VHS
2 Tying Saltwater Flies with Jimmy Nix Vol 1 VHS
3 Tying Saltwater Flies with Jimmy Nix Vol 2 VHS
4 Tying Bass Flies With Jimmy Nix VHS
5 Fly Rodding for Tarpon with Billy Pate VHS
6 The Challenge of Giant Tarpon with Billy Pate VHS
7 Fly Casting with Doug Swisher VHS
8 Fly Tying Made Clear & Simple VHS
9 Dinamics of Fly Casting with Joan Wulff VHS
10 L.L. Bean Intro to Fly Fishing VHS
11 Performance fly rods with Dave Lewis VHS
12 Fly Tying Bass Flies with Dave Whilock VHS
13 Fly tying Bass flies with Dave Whitlock  Part 2 VHS
14 Fly Fishing for Bass from Top to Bottom with Dave Whitlock VHS
15 Tying and Fishing Caddisflies with Gary Lafontain VHS
16 Tying Atlantic Salomon Flies with Rob Solo VHS
17 Saltwater Fly tying with Lefty Kreh VHS
18 Lefty’s Tips, Tactics & Techniques for Fly Fishing VHS
19 Nymphing with Gary Borger VHS
20 Pop Fleyes with Bob Popovics VHS
21 Rio International Spey Casting VHS
22 Paul Jorgensen on fly tying Vol 1 VHS
23 Paul Jorgensen on fly tying Vol 2 VHS
24 Basic Nymphing with Jim Teeny VHS
25 Nymphing Strategies with Joe Humphreys VHS
26 The Orvis Fly fishing School VHS
27 The Orvis Progressive Fly Casting Method VHS
28 The making of an Orvis Fly Rod VHS
29 Decorative Rod Wrapping with Artie Lang VHS
30 Tying Attractor Flies with Doug Swisher VHS
31 Fly tying Basics With Jack Dennis VHS
32 Tying with the CDC Shane Stalcup VHS
33 Tying Hatch Simulator Flies for selective trout Doug swisher VHS
34 Hair Trout Flies with Chris Helm VHS
35 Hooked on fly tying Tube flies with Dick Talleur VHS
36 Hooked on Fly Tying The life cycle of a Mayfly VHS
37 Hooked on Fly Tying the life cycle of a Caddisfly VHS
38 Hooked on Fly Tying Step 2 for Beginning fly tying VHS
39 Hooked on Fly Tying Marabou Steelhead Patterns with Mike Kinney VHS
40 Hooked on Fly Tying Spade Steelhead Patterns VHS
41 Hooked on Fly tying Sandeel & Silversides VHS
42 Hooked on Fly tying Popular Northwest Steelhead Patterns VHS
43 Hooked on Fly tying Saltwater Baitfish VHS
44 Hooked on fly tying Mike Kinney favorite Steelhead flies VHS
45 Hooked on Fly tying with Turkey Feathers VHS
46 Fly Fishing Magazine Miramich Atlantic Salmon VHS
47 Fly fishing Magazine King of Ayakulik VHS
48 Fly Fishing Video Magazine Silver Creek VHS
49 Angling Video Magazine Argentina Trout VHS
50 Fly Fishing Magazine Atlantic Salmon VHS
51 Fly Fishing Brittish Colubia Steelhead & Kamloops trout VHS
52 Fly Fishing Magazine Steelhead Guide Joseph Gordon VHS
53 Fly Fishing Video Magazine The Best of New Zealand North Island VHS
54 Angling Video Magazine Sailfish/Costa Rica VHS
55 Fly Fishing Magazine North Island Brown Trout VHS
56 The Essense of Fly Casting with Mel Krieger DVD
57 The Essense of Fly Casting with Mel Krieger DVD
58 Flight Casting Faults and Fixes with Mel Krieger DVD
59 The Essesnse of Spey Casting With Mel Krieger VHS
*60 Backyard to Nowhere DVD
*61 Urban Warfare Carp Fishing DVD
*62 The Source New Zealand DVD
*63 The Source Iceland DVD
*64 The Source Tasmania DVD
*65 Cast that Catch Fish DVD
*66 Once in a Blue Moon DVD
*67 Drift DVD
*68 Soulfish DVD
*69 soulfish 2 DVD
*70 Rise 2009 DVD
*71 Connect 2011 DVD
72 Trout Bum Diaries Volume 2 DVD
73 River Rockfish DVD
74 Rivers of the Lost Coast DVD
75 The Art of Spey Casting DVD
76 Trout Bum Diaries Volume 1 DVD
77 Rios Modern Speycasting DVD
78 The Underwater World of Trout DVD
79 Chasing Silver DVD
80 Running Down the Man DVD
81 Fly tying Basics with Dick Talleur DVD
*82 Fly Fishing Tour 2011 DVD
*83 Location X DVD
*84 Fifty year behind the Vice with Lefty and Bob Clouser DVD
*85 European Nymphing with Aaron Jasper DVD
*86 Hooked on fly tying Chris Helm Bonefish flies DVD
*87 7 Degrees South DVD
*88 Backcountry – South island NZ DVD
*89 Eastern Rises DVD
90 New Hair Fly tying Techniques DVD
91 Handcrafting Effective Flies DVD
92 Blacktailed Devils DVD
93 Catch Magazine Vol 1 DVD
94 Trout Tactics for Panfish With Jack Ellis VHS